Website Guide

A Quick Review of How to Use This Website

The home page does have some logic to it.

Please take a little time to explore what is there. You can use this page as a  guide - each major section of the home page has a link below, so you can see how the topics relate to one another. Click a topic, see what it looks like, and then use "previous page" of your browser to return to this Guide. At the extreme upper right there is a blank tab to search this complete UARA website - for single word or combinations of words.

Mechanics of Searching and Printing

To Print - you can use Control-P on windows (or Command-P on Apple) to print the full page, but excluding the table of contents entries on either side of the page. To print only the current page, use Control-F (windows) or Command-F (Apple); this works the same way, without printing the table of contents entries on the page.

To Search - You can search for a word of multiple words. The results cover the entire site, not just the page you are viewing. The search box is in the upper right of each page.

Dashboard Tabs - Finding Things and Communicating to Us
About Us - UARA Organization, Office Location and open hours, Executive Council AND Board of Directors, Bylaws and History.

Event Schedule Guide - A list of all events associated with UARA (general meetings, educational events, lunches, and other). These are posted as soon as they are scheduled.

User Guide - This guide.

Index - A translation of what you might want to find, and what it is listed under on the website. It is relatively small but may help you find your way to key topics.

Other University Retiree Associations - Websites of the retiree association of the Board of Regents defined 15 UA Comparative Institutions (Peers), plus ASU and NAU.

UA Home - University of Arizona main website

Center Section - Current Information and Upcoming Events
This includes a series of announcements - website changes, special events, upcoming full membership meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors. A picture of a recent UARA event is also displayed at the bottom.

Left Side - Focus on UARA
Contains topics within the UARA - Membership and Activities

Index - Focus on External Information Sources
Contains topics of interest to UARA Retirees, in three areas:

Transitions - Preparing for or adjusting to retirement, issues for the surviving spouse, and giving care and getting care.

Resources for Retirees - Arizona State Retirement System and Arizona Department of Administration, Financial-Health-Legal Information (with links and book reviews), Arizona agencies and organizations (e.g., Pima Council on Aging), and federal agencies and organizations (e.g., Social Security and Medicare).

UA Info - Campus events calendars, retiree-related information from the Department of Human Resources, Educational Opportunities, and current issues and subscription information for UA Now and Lo Que Pasa.