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In summer 2012 we made major changes to the newsletter. The current format of the newsletter is described in the next paragraph, and the earlier versions in the following paragraph. A longer history of the newsletter is here. If you would like to comment about the newsletter or suggest some content, please use our Contact Us form. 

Current Newsletter Format (2012 - current) - UARA Retiree News

The revised newsletter was first issued in September 2012. It was revised after an extensive assessment of possible names, reviews of newsletters for other retiree organizations, a review of all past issues of the UARA newsletter, and discussions with experts in newsletter production. The result was a reduction to 8 pages from 12, adding a blue color with white paper, and changing the name, types of articles, and basic structure. Copies of the newsletter in pdf format are listed below.

Previous Newsletter Format (1980-2012) - Jubilación  

Jubilación" is Spanish for "retirement" and in recent years was published 3 times/year. Each issue was about 12 pages and in pdf format (since September 2007) and html format (2005-2006). Copies that are in electronic format are listed below (earlier copies are in the UARA Office for review only).

Selected Newsletter Multi-part Articles Downloadable as a Single File (pdf)

Dementia (4 part series, 4 pages), January 2013.
by Rosemary Browne. Download

Scams and Fraud (2 part series, 6 pages), January 2013.
by Roger Caldwell. Download


Complete pdf Versions of UA Retiree News
(2012 through Current Fiscal Year) 

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Current Newsletter Editor/Layout:
Editor Trudy Jacobson, Layout by Jane Dugas



Complete pdf Versions of Jubilación (2005-2012)   **apr2007 and prior need links fixed**

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Newsletter Editor:
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