Arizona Legislative Info

There are several ways to obtain or monitor Arizona legislative information. These include:

List of Arizona State and Federal Legislators
A one page listing of names and contact information for the 52nd Legilsative term of office, January 2015 - January 2017

Arizona State Legislature (lots of detail)
Information about each bill, organized by number or relevant agency and commitee. Includes ability to search for specific topics and links to the ALIS tracking - where you can register (free) to track bills. Also includes a search option for the most recent edition of the Arizona Revised Statutes (updated after each legislative session). A FAQ list addresses questions relate to legislators, bills, and commitees.Some commitee sessions can be watched on internet as live hearings.

ASRS Legislative Update (Arizona State Retirement System)
The focus is on Arizona state retirement legislation. Includes summaries of past legislation, ASRS statutes, and how a bill becomes a law. To see the status of current bills, select "Legislataive Update" and then "Bill Tracker."

Arizona Secretary of State
All filings for legislative matters, including bills, memorials, resolutions, and veto letters. Organized by year and then type of sesson. Also includes Governor's Executive Orders, lists of lobbyists, and the Lobbyist Handbook.

Governor's Advisory Council on Aging
From the Advisory Council website you can sign up for e-mail delivery of legislative updates (federal and state) that may have a significant impact on older residents of Arizona. Go directly to that sign-up page.