Join Interest Groups

We are always exploring options for identifying interest area topics, and ways of finding who is interested.
As we develop our own ideas, you might look at other university retiree associations on their interest groups:
  •  University of Texas
  •  Northern Arizona University
  •  University of Washington

In general, these interest areas are expected to be self sustaining. While UARA gathers the participants together, it is the group who will decide what it wants to do, how long it will last, and when it should end.

Please visit the Contact Us and indicate which of the topics below may be of interest to you.

Our current listing of topics that have been recommended includes:

Adopt A Family Project
Adult Coloring Book Club

Book Club
Caring for a Loved One
Computers for Seniors 
Culinary Adventures
Day trips around S. Arizona
Gourmet Dining

Jewelry making

Mock Investment Club
Quilting Club  
Scrapbooking/Card Making 
Senior Exercise
Senior Sports  
Stained Glass
Traveling Tips for Seniors/Shows/Discussion
University Tours (Biosphere, Architecture)

Writing for Publication