UARA History

The UARA prepared a history for the first 35 years in its 35th year (2015). There are two versions (short and long); both can be downloaded here:

UARA history short version (Four-page Summary of 35th Annivisary). Dated August, 2015, in pdf format.
This also appeared as an insert in the Fall, 2015, newsletter (UA Retiree News).

Full History Version (two-page cover and 41-page report) dated September, 2015, in pdf format.
Includes table of contents, index, and 12 chapters.

There are two earlier histories also avaialbe to download in pdf format:

  • The UARA was formed in 1980. An eight-part history for 1980-1994 is summaried in one, 9-page pdf file here.
  • A history of the NEWSLETTER from 1980-2012 in one pdf file here.