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UARA Initial Board Book - October 2017 (pdf). (37 pages). Current version is below.

The UARA Board Book describes the Role and Responsibillities of the Board of Directors and the Executive Commitee. The initial version (October 2017) serves as a draft. After we learn what should be added or revised we will make a new version in June 2018. 

Minor revision November 2017: Replaced page 12 (purpose, mission, vision, values) with a revision. This single page is linked below.

UARA--  UARA Purpose - Mission - Vision - Values November 2017 (one page)

Copy of page 12 of the November 2017 changes. This is the only page that was changed. Click here.
​Copy of 2 page detailed index of Board Book (still working on this). Click here.

Note: UARA Retreat/Board Minutes can be found on the home page, Use the pull-down menu under Operations/Minutes.

The UARA Organization
There are approximately 600+ UARA members as retirees from the University of Arizona. There is 15-member Board of Directors who engage in information sharing, topical discussions, and advice. An Executive committee, also part of the Board of Directors, is the decision-making group, composed of four officers and one past president. 

Board Meetings
The Board meets monthly (excluding summer) at the Swede-Johnson Building, Bobcat room, 1111 N. Cherry Avenue. All UARA members are encouraged to attend. Besides the BOD members, meetings usually include committee chairs and liaison representatives of relevant campus organizations.

The UARA operates on the same fiscal year as the UA - July 1 to June 30. Renewal of dues requests are mailed in summer.

$20.00 for one year;
$80.00 for five years;
$10.00 for one year for active employees within two years of retirement.

The purposes of the association are to (1) promote the interests and welfare of University of Arizona retirees and to (2) develop continuing contact between retirees and the University and to (3) provide the means for interaction among retirees through a diversity of cultural, intellectual, and social programs.

The UARA is an advocate for issues facing older people who are retired from the University of Ariona, as well as older people in general. It brings Arizona legislation updates and other items of critical information to the membership. The UARA is part of the Tri-University Retirees Association.

The UARA is a 501(c)(7) organization.

UARA Office Location and Contact Information

UA Babcock Building
1717 E. Speedway, Room 3105
Tucson AZ  85721 

Mailing Address:
PO Box 42391

Tucson, AZ 85733-2391

Office Telephone: 520-626-6936
E-mail - uara@arizona.edu
Website uara.arizona.edu - click here for response form.

Kathi Hart, Office Manager
Office Hours:  Monday 9:00am-1:00pm; Tuesday Noon-4:00pm, Summer, by appointment.


Officers* Beginning July 1, 2017
President: Alison Hughes
Past President: Bob Perrill 
Vice President: Cassie Unda Ciotti
Secretary: Judy Doan
Treasurer: Liz Gradillas-Fimbres
*officers are also board members
Jim Barrett - Roger Caldwell - Jane Dugas - George Evanoff
Kathi Hart - Trudy Jacobson - Lee Jones
Rose Perrill - Mike Proctor - Fran Tickner


Bylaws Revised July 2017

UARA Bylaws (Revised 2015)
UARA Bylaws (Revised 2011)
Old UARA Constitution and Bylaws (1984)

UARA Past Presidents

Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report 2014-2015


Jane Dugas, Webmaster - jdugas@email.arizona.edu